We are a family at Rise Up Yoga Studio. Our teachers all reside in the west end communities that they serve. The small studio atmosphere feels a bit like going home and the energy brought to each and every class by the instructors will help inspire you to be the best version of  yourself that you can offer this Universe.

Join us at RISE UP YOGA today and experience the positive changes that a bit of mindfulness can make.

Meet Your Rise Up Instructors!

Kellie Socia

Kellie is the founder of Rise Up Yoga. A 200 Hour-Trained Instructor, she is the mother of two adult sons and resides in Negaunee. Kellie is passionate about teaching Yoga and YOD as she knows how life-changing the practices can be. Her goal is to build a Yoga & YOD community that is beautifully strong and encourages all Yogis to Rise Up to meet their truest self.

Jessica Noskey

Jess is a 200 Trained Yoga & YOD Yoga instructor. Jess is passionate about sharing this practice with others as she is fully aware of how important it’s impact is on the human spirit. Jess resides in Negaunee and owns her own carpentry business. She loves to spend time with her dogs, snowboard, play softball, and practice and teach yoga & YOD. Jess shares her undeniable energy in her classes.

Julie Champion

Julie is an owner and stylist at sisters hair company in Marquette. She resides in Negaunee with her husband. Julie has five children all together and five grandchildren. Wellness has been her passion and yoga brings all of it together in one practice – mind-Body-Soul. She feels it builds us from the inside out and she loves to see people evolve as they rise up in practice to meet themselves.

Jaylyn Giotto

Jaylyn has been a yoga instructor since 2015. She loves putting together creative flows, assisting and watching people grow in their yoga practice. Her passion comes from her love of the body along with a deep personal goal to help people live happier, calmer lives through natural wellness.

Jenni Bashaw

Jenni is a RYT 200 teacher currently working on her 500 hour certification. She started teaching yoga 5 years ago and has been leading various group exercise classes for the last 20 years. When she isn’t teaching yoga, she can be found in the woods with her dogs, on a lake fishing, or working in her garden.

Diana Sundberg

Diana is a 200 hour-trained instructor who resides in Ishpeming. She married her  high school sweetheart, Jamie, and together they have three boys. Dylan, their oldest, and a set of twins; Gavin and Drake. After turning 40 this past year and with her children finished with high school, Diana decided it was time to focus on herself and began her teacher training journey. Yoga has been a part of Diana’s life for the last seven years and now she gets a chance to share it with friends and family as a yoga teacher! An insurance agent by day, Diana strongly believes in giving to her community. She runs a backpack program at Ishpeming Schools and has two rescue dogs.

Ellen Doan

Ellen is a 200 hour certified Yoga and YOD teacher. Originally from Arizona, Ellen lives in Negaunee with her husband and two dogs. Over the years, yoga has become one of the most centering aspects of her life and on her mat is where she feels her most authentic self. A lifelong educator, Ellen is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with others and witnessing their individual yoga journeys. She also loves to travel, read, garden and bake breads of all types.

Taylor Wilber

Taylor is a 200 hour yoga instructor also trained in YOD Level 1 & 2. In addition to teaching adult yoga, Taylor is trained in Kid’s Yoga through Yoga Ed. Taylor has been practicing yoga for over 6 years and teaching for 3 years. Taylor has found a love for yoga and continues to share her heart through teaching the practice. In Taylor’s free time she enjoys golfing, biking and hiking with her dog Kai.

Amy Adams

Amy resides in Negaunee with her husband, two children, and three fur babies.  As a healthcare worker, Amy enjoys being a part of and contributing to our community.   Her yoga practice has created a balanced mind and body allowing her to care for others. Amy is a 200 HR certified yoga instructor who loves bringing people together to become the best version of themselves.  Amy loves to share her positive energy and smile with everyone.  She can’t wait to see you on your mat!

Khora Swanson

Khora is a certified 200 Hour Yoga instructor and YOD instructor. She moved home after student teaching and began her professional career in the same elementary school she grew up in! She loves to renovate her home, raise her chickens, and cuddle and care for her dog, Mowgli, and two kittens, Dublin and Kaboo. She loves to read, bake, cook, travel, teach, run and walk! Spending time with family and friends, as well as her partner, Thomas, fills her up. She credits her ability to appreciate and be passionate about her life to the practice of yoga that began when she was 18. She loves sharing the gift of slowing down and finding presence with others, as well as sweating a bit too!

Lauren Carlson

Studio Caretaker

Lauren is the Rise Up Yoga Caretaker. While she may be behind the scenes at the studio, you can see her playing sports for Westwood High School in her free time as she participates in basketball, volleyball, and softball. Lauren is a bright light and keeps our studio clean and our paperwork organized! She resides in Ishpeming with her family.

Yogi Love

Rise Up Pup

Yogi Love is a Micro-Mini Aussiedoodle who was brought on board as a therapy dog for the studio. Yogi Love enjoys treats and zooming around in the evenings, but loves making people smile the most! Yogi Love spends a nice amount of time in the community bringing calmness and peace to those who come in contact with him.